Федерико Агреда, так же известный как Zardonic, Венесуэльский клавишник, DJ, музыкант, продюсер, известный по своим музыкальным проектам в таких жанрах, как drum and bass, dark ambient, black metal и minimal techno.

Zardonic использует эффекты SCS HD-10 Distortion и SCS PH-10 Phaser.

"The Yerasov SCS Distortion HD-10 blew me away! The EQ is very subtle and musical with very little coloration. It is the most crystal clear distortion pedal I have in my collection, and I can say the same about the SCS Phaser PH-10. 
​The sound is PRISTINE! ​
I have never heard something of this quality for such an affordable price and the minute I turned them on I was already making sounds for my new tracks!

It is extremely hard for me to find guitar pedals that interact nicely with my synthesizers as they are obviously meant for a different purpose. More often than not, they have too much coloration and kill the low and high frequencies too much. Yerasov pedals are the first I've heard to keep the widest frequency spectrum in their output. Unbelievable work!"

Zardonic Gear